The usage of our logos is extremely important to us and so we have compiled a list of rules (Do’s and Don’ts) so we can guarantee that our logos are being used and looking their best at all times. Please ensure that you read the rules before using any of our logos.




– Allow for an additional 25% of the image size as a clear area boundary around the logo to keep it looking clean.


– If using our assets, download the high quality images below.


– Use the correct logo for your colour scheme, this means using dark logos on light backgrounds and light logos on dark backgrounds.


– Use our Tesseract or Cojac logos to accompany news articles.


– Tesseract and Cojac are names so please stylize the first letter as uppercase.




– Modify our logos in any way (This includes rearranging or recolouring the logo).


– Scale the logo non-uniformly. Keep the aspect ratio consistent.


– Use older versions of Cojac or Tesseract logos.


– Animate any of our logos.


– Make logos too small when accompanying news articles. Keep it a good size so it can be seen


– Use Tesseract’s cyan ‘A’ symbol or COJAC’s red ‘Atom’ symbol for title images in news articles


– Use our brand or company assets to make a profit.


– Use our logos on merchandise even if no profit is made




Below is the colour scheme for The Tesseract and Cojac. Please be sure to use the correct colours of which was have supplied the hexadecimal and RGB values for, if using our colour schemes.















                                                       Official Cojac and Tesseract Colour Scheme





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